About Northridge HOA

Northridge Estates at Gold Run Homeowners Association exists for the benefit of the 85 owners located 2 blocks east of 56th and Federal.

The HOA Monthly dues are $35.00 per month per home. Some budget items are Trash/Recycling services, Community Playground, and Entrance Landscape.

Monthly Board meetings take place at 2531 W 5th Ave Denver, CO 80221 on the Final Friday of every month @ 5pm

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lawn Care

We are aware of all the lawn upkeep issues in your community. Over 25 violation letters were already sent out to homeowners. The Management Company is working with Mortgage companies to make sure all foreclosures are maintained. If not, we will work with Adams County Code Enforcement and the Board to make sure these homes are maintained consistently this year.

Please continue to maintain your property, so we can make sure Northridge continues to look clean and attractive.

Per Northridge Estates at Gold Run Homeowners

37. Landscaping
As soon as weather permits, but in no event later than six months after a home is certified for occupancy, all front, side and rear yards shall be fully landscaped and all landscape plans shall be pre-approved by the Committee. Any irrigation must be a minimum of 36” away from foundations of the house and garage shall be covered with rock or bark and not sodded. All yards must be irrigated by an automatic buried sprinkler system. All front yards shall have a minimum of 1 large tree for each street frontage, 5 shrubs (deciduous), and sod, but in no case shall these trees be closer than 8” from the sidewalk. See attached schedule of trees. Side yard landscaping for lots fronting on a corner must include a minimum of 1 additional tree. Each and every Owner of a Lot shall use his or her best efforts to keep and maintain in an attractive, healthy, live and growing condition, any and all grass, shrubs, bushes, trees and other decorative landscaping which may be planted or growing upon said Lots; provided, however, that any Owner may remove any of the same from his or her Lot with the consent of the Committee, or if required to do so by law or governmental authority, or if requested to do so by any utility company for safety reasons or for some other bona fide reason. Any and all dead or diseased lawn areas, shrubs, bushes, trees and flowering plants shall be promptly removed and replaced with suitable and attractive replacement landscaping, except that they need not be replaced if they were removed pursuant to the preceding sentence. Each Owner of a Lot shall remove weeds promptly from said Lot and shall water and trim all grass, shrubs, bushes, trees and flowering plants located upon said Lot as often as the same shall become reasonable necessary, subject to any applicable laws governing the frequency or timing of permitted watering.

If you have any questions about a particular , please contact Ron at 303-693-2118.